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My belief as a mother and a midwife is that pregnancy is a normal life event. It is my job to ensure the health of you and your baby, valuing the physical, nutritional, spiritual, cultural and factors that impact on your pregnancy. You will be supported and feel confident through your pregnancy, helping you create a strong mind in approaching your labour.

I will work in partnership with you, your family, other experienced midwives and specialists (if required) to ensure a well mum and baby.  I am happy to work across the scope of Tauranga Hospital, Bethlehem Birthing Centre and Home Birth.




I have an ever growing passion for midwifery and would love to be part of your special journey. I believe childbirth is a natural life event and would love to share my knowledge with you, support you, and allow you to make fully informed decisions regarding your pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period.

My job is to support you through this exciting but sometimes nervous time using my experience as well as other tools to give you all the information you will need to have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery of your baby. 




I am passionate about women’s health and midwifery – the unique ability of a woman’s body to grow, nourish, birth and nurture a baby is an extraordinary event, and my role is to empower you by advocating for positive pregnancy and birthing experiences, however you choose.  

I value the notions of care and respect as the fundamental components in any midwifery partnership and I aim to warmly support and encourage you as we navigate this special time together, sharing many laughs along the way! 

As a mother of five children (including a set of identical twins!) I can personally relate to the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, and am both immensely privileged and excited to work with you towards a happy, healthy journey.    

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Hello! I’m Carmen - a local midwife and also a mum to 4 children. I am very passionate about midwifery & empowering & partnering with you to make the choices that you want for your pregnancy, birth & postpartum period. I believe that birth is a normal but am also aware that it can be complex at times. I will beside you throughout your journey, educating and supporting you. 
I support women who choose to birth at Tauranga Hospital, Bethlehem Birthing Centre & home. I really look forward to meeting you & getting to know you & your family.

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